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Wedding Parties

The Perfect Beginning to Your Big Day

You've been planning your big day for months and now it's here. Time to forget all the to-do lists, release the stress and focus on enjoying this most special of days. You and your bridesmaids arrive full of excited anticipation at Fringe, ready to be transformed. While Fringe's talented makeup and hair artists work their wedding magic, you and your party, laugh, nosh and bond in a beautiful, soothing environment.

When everyone is done, you all look at each other, admiring the little details that make each updo so stunning, the shimmery eyeshadow you would have never thought to try, the glowing cheeks and glossy lips - it's all so perfect! Fringe's talented staff has truly brought out the very best in each woman. And you, you've become the beautiful, radiant bride you always imagined. He's going to melt when he sees you!

After snapping a few last photos, it's time to end this special memory and continue the celebration elsewhere. It's been such a perfect beginning to your special day!

Make this memory your own. Call Fringe to book your bridal party: 630-519-4027.

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Bridal Parties

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