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Sure to Please

I?m a people pleaser. I love making people happy, especially by helping them feel great about their hair.

The funny thing is I got into hair design because of a bad experience that made me feel seriously unhappy. Right before picture day my senior year in high school I got a horrible cut. The stylist really did a bad job and there was no fixing it. I was devastated. After that I vowed that I would never again be at the mercy of another stylist; I was going to learn how to cut my own hair.

The more I experimented and practiced working with hair, the more I realized how much I enjoyed it. Finally, I decided to formalize my education and learn all I could about hair design. Now, I work every day to continue to hone my craft so that clients sitting in my chair feel seriously happy about their hair.

I still cringe when I look at my yearbook picture, but ultimately I?m grateful because the experience led me to the career I love.

Lyla earned her certification from the Cannella School of Hair Design. Her expanding repertoire includes special occasion styling and fashion colors.